Daniel Bryan Injury Update: Shoulder Injury Latest, Return Delayed to January 2015

A few months ago, WWE superstar Daniel Bryan suffered a shoulder injury after three Tombstone Piledrivers from Kane during a match at RAW.

(Photo: Twitter)WWE Superstar Daniel Bryan.

After the match, Bryan reported a numbness and tingling sensation on both of his arms. Immediately, the superstar was stretchered out of the arena and was checked over by WWE medical personnel. Bryan has been out of the WWE ever since his injury and is recovering from surgeries at home.

One of the surgeries was for his neck, which was performed sometime in mid-May. The other surgery is for his shoulder. Bryan has been receiving treatment for his shoulder from Dr. James Andrews and it is said that the superstar has suffered cervical foraminotomy.

The goal of the surgery, according to Dr. Joseph Maroon, is to free up the nerve impingement. The action is to reduce pain and inflammation as well as improving motor function. The risk of a greater traumatic injury is still present but Bryan should recover from it through rehabilitation.

As Bryan is recovering from his surgeries, he isn't expected to come back to the WWE until at least January 2015.

When he does come back, he is scheduled to appear on Royal Rumble - being the third most important wrestler in WWE. Previously he was number two on the list but since his neck surgery, his rank has dropped one place.

Despite his circumstances, WWE still believes that Bryan will come back to the scene as strong as ever. If his rehab and recovery goes well, his career might still go far into the future.