Danielle Cunningham Twitter Rant Labels Janelle Evans a 'Bad Mother,' 'Heroin Addict'

Teen Mom star Danielle Cunningham took to social media to blast Jenelle Evans over her past drug abuse and perceived shortcomings as a parent.

In response to messages posted on Twitter that Evans began to feel sorry for herself given her past troubles, Cunningham quickly tweeted to oppose those messages.

"You, my dear, have been knocked down for 4 years. Yo a** never got up!" Cunningham posted to her Twitter account.

"I hate the fact that [Jenelle Evans] can't be a mother. Just when she feels like it. Does [her four-year-old son] Jace even call Jenelle mom?" she added.

Some of Evans' sympathizers came to her defense but they were quickly shot down by Cunningham.

"i gave her many chances. i used to like her … Then i noticed what kind of a lying sack of pig s*** she really is," she posted.

Meanwhile, things are apparently looking up for Evans and her new boyfriend, Nathan Griffith. The couple purchased a new home worth $135,000, Radar Online reported. The two have only been together for several weeks but appear to be quite happy. They have even been filming season five of "Teen Mom 2" for MTV, meaning that their relationship will be on camera for all to see.

"Jenelle got a house with Nathan and she's really happy about it. They're totally living together in this house in South Carolina and Jenelle says they bought it together," a friend told Radar. "MTV is filming there, so she's been really secretive about all of the details, but it has three bedrooms and three bathrooms. Friends of theirs say that they paid just a little less than what it was selling for, which is $134,900."