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Danville Pawn Shop Shooting: Christian Family Left Devastated as Parents Gunned Down in Botched Robbery (VIDEO)

Danville Pawn Shop Shooting: Christian Family Left Devastated as Parents Gunned Down in Botched Robbery (VIDEO)

A police crime scene. | (Photo: Reuters/Carlo Allegri)

A church-going Christian family has been left devastated after a mother and father to two young children were shot dead in a botched robbery on Friday morning in a Danville pawn shop shooting in Kentucky.

Michael and Angela Hockensmith were two of three victims in the shooting in which a man had entered their pawn shop with the intention to rob it. However, things went terribly wrong and just minutes later three people had been shot dead by the robber.

The Hockensmiths, who attend Mitchellsburg Baptist Church in Boyle County, leave behind two children; a 9 year old son, and a 20 month old girl.

It was in fact their 9 year old boy who made the emergency call to police from the ABC Gold and Games pawn shop in Danville, Kentucky, with authorities receiving his emergency call just after 9 a.m. on Friday.

Boyle County coroner Don Hamner later has identified two of the victims as Michael and Angela Hockensmith. Michael Hockensmith was the Christian co-owner of the pawn shop and took charge of the daily management of the store. Angela, his wife, occasionally assisted him at the pawn store.

The third victim was reported a man from Richmond, however, his name was not immediately released as police were awaiting to speak to his family before publicly identifying him.

Danville Police chief Tony Gray said, "The child reported what he called a robbery, and said three people had been shot… The door was locked from the inside, and we had to force entry by breaking glass into the business."

When authorities arrived they found the 9 year old boy and a 20 month old girl at the property.

Lee Ann Divine, who recently became a co-owner of the pawn shop with Hockensmith said, "They were just wonderful Christian people. You can't find nicer people. They were good parents, wonderful friends, very generous… Everything was looking up for this young family."

Police are still conducting a widespread search for the killer.

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