Dating Coach Tells Virgin Her 'No Sex' Stance Won't Lead to Marriage Proposal

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(Photo Screen grab/ Zatopek, a former contestant on NBC's reality show "Ready for Love" won the marriage proposal, but stunned her dating coach who said she wasn't a modern-day women because she's a virgin and doesn't believe in having sex before marriage.

Angela Zatopek, a former contestant on NBC's reality show "Ready for Love," competed against 36 single women, all of whom were in pursuit of winning the heart and a marriage proposal from the bachelor, Ben Patton.

During her time on the show, Zatopek was told by the dating coach that Patton was interested in meeting a modern-day woman, and it was unlikely that he would take an interest in a virgin who says she won't have sex until she's married.

According to Zatopek, the coach emphasized to her that "the physical part is so important for a relationship;" adding that Patton, a 31-year-old CEO from Dallas, Texas, had never dated a woman who held those beliefs.

In an interview with CBN's Wendy Griffith, Zatopek said she wants women to know that they don't need to have sex to get a guy.

Among the 36 women in the cast, Zatopek, 26, is the only one who's a virgin, but said she's "no better than anyone else" just because she made that choice. "We're all sinners."

Reflecting on her experiences taping the show, Zatopek shared a connection she made with a young girl who confided on her that she, too, was a virgin, but is afraid of facing ridicule from her friends.

"They were taking me back to wardrobe and this little girl who was 12-years-old broke through security and she just came to me with tears down her face and said, 'I just want to let you know I'm waiting, too, until I'm married.' And she said, 'I'm scared. I'm scared to tell my friends or tell boys my choice.' And that broke my heart," Zatopek said.

Zatopek did, however, end up winning Patton's heart and the marriage proposal, but after spending one year apart, which was part of their contract with NBC, the two spent a lot of time talking to each other on the phone and discovered that they are not meant to spend their rest of their lives together.

Nevertheless, she told Griffith that she doesn't regret her decision to be cast on the show.

 "I feel like God knew that I could take this on," she said. "At the end of the day I have an audience of one to please. I really feel like it was His will for me to go on the show and show women that you can still be cool and sexy and be in the world, but not of the world."

She continued: "Ben is a great guy. Being apart for that year, not being able to see each other, we really got to talk on the phone a lot and have a lot of heart to heart conversations. I just knew he wasn't who God has out there for me. I know God has somebody great out there for me; and I still held onto my values. And that's why you wait."