David Crowder Band Lets Fans Spy on Newest Studio Work

The David Crowder Band, named MSN Music's 2006 Artist of the Year, recently entered their studio in Waco, Texas, to begin their newest album, and they are offering their fans a unique opportunity to spy on what they are doing.

While working on their newest project, called  Remedy, admirers can watch the group via webcams on the band's new site, www.remedyiscoming.com. The site allows anyone interested to follow the making of the album.

"We have officially started recording!" stated the band to CMCentral. "There is some good news: We have webcams again! Now you can shirk off work and school to watch us do mysterious things on lots of little screens, all of the time! Pretty cool."

In addition to the webcam site, fans can also tag along with the CD development by reading frontman David Crowder's blog. In the journal, he lets devotees hear sneak previews of new songs and gives playful asides about daily events.

"We will keep a few blogs running, keeping you up to date with pictures, videos, and such," wrote Crowder in a statement. "We will also have webcams running the entire time. This way, you can watch me eating at the kitchen table while Mike D plays the bass. Yes, absolute delight shall soon commence."

The David Crowder band consists of six members who play worship music as well as electronic rock.

Although the band has been around since the late 1990s, it has gained the most attention this past year. They won three Dove Awards in 2006, one for their eclectic album A Collision, which features musical styles from bluegrass, folk, and alternative in addition to worship.

The band received two MSN Music awards in 2006 - "Artist of the Month" in July and "Artist of the Year" – among all Christian and mainstream artists.

The David Crowder Band plans on attending many Christian music festivals in the summer, including Fishfest, Celebration '07, and the Ichthus Festival.

The band added, according to CMCentral, "Let's have some fun together!"

On the web: DavidCrowderBand.com.