David Crowder*Band Releases Greatest Hits Collection Today

The David Crowder*Band released a greatest hits album, All This For A King: The Essential Collection today, May 21.

"No band in worship music was more creative and pushed boundaries of what could be considered worshipful music. For a career, David Crowder*Band earns five stars hands down," said Jesus Freak Hideout.

The album features 14 of the band's biggest tracks: "How He Loves," "O Praise Him (All This For A King)," "Everything Glorious," as well as remixes from Family Force 5, Capital Kings, and The Digital Age (a group made up of former DC*B members), and a new song from David Crowder himself, "This I Know."

The critics are raving about the brilliance of the album including CP's very own Breathecast: "If you have never owned a DCB record, this is the right place to start," they wrote.

"Lyrically, Crowder is just unashamed of Christ as ever. It should be a fine new chapter in one of CCM's most recognizable names … This is a solid collection of hits," New Release Tuesday said.

The David Crowder*Band broke up last year, but made sure to do so in grand fashion by releasing, Give Us Rest (A Requiem Mass in C [The Happiest of All Keys]), which debuted as the No. 2 record in the country, according to The M Collective.

Give Us Rest featured 34 songs encompassing the many styles the group has played through the years, including: worship, pop, rock, blue grass, and blues.

The goal of the album was to illustrate how life can come out of death.

"I don't think I have written as personal of a song as this one ('Let Me Feel You Shine') [first single]. For me, all of the experience of closing this chapter, of looking ahead and trusting, is in this song," said Crowder in a statement.

"I know all of us are in these moments where life twists and turns, and you don't see what's coming, but you feel God's leading and you have to jump out and take the risk and see what it means to be a person of faith," he continued.

Their last performance came at the Passion 2012 Conference.