David Hasselhoff to Star in Upcoming 'Baywatch' Movie

David Hasselhoff is returning to the big screen in a role specifically written with him in mind. He will actually be playing himself in an upcoming "Baywatch" movie that will feature the "father figure" known as Mitch Buchannon, a character Hasselhoff made famous in the 1990s.

"I've just met the guy writing the film," Hasselhoff told the Daily Express. "I'm going to play myself … We're trying to make it a very cool, updated version."

"Baywatch" aired in the early 1990s and centered on the stories of California lifeguards as they saved lives and dealt with plenty of drama. The show was a return to the small-screen for Hasselhoff but helped launch the acting careers of Yasmine Bleeth, David Charvet and Pamela Anderson.

The show became famous for its scenes in which actresses did nothing but run. That later became a feature of the series and a parody for numerous comedians and comic series. The slow running "came about organically," Hasselhoff told Men's Health.

"We didn't have enough financing to finish the show. So we found a way to fill the hour by shooting people in slow motion. We said, 'Well, girls in bathing suits look good running in slow motion, let's just shoot that.' And we found out that the audience kinda liked it."

Now the movie is supposedly a comedy by the same writer who wrote "The Hangover," an immensely popular film. Rumors have already circulated as to who might be in the cast; Jessica Simpson, Justin Bieber and Justin Timberlake are at the top of the list for hopefuls. The film has been in the works since 2004, when DreamWorks announced they had bought the rights to "Baywatch."

While Hasselhoff is due to revive one character from his past, there is one that he would like to see revived even more than Buchannon.

"I want to do a 'Knight Rider' movie. It'd be Michael Knight and his son," he explained. "It would be hysterical. We'd bring back KITT, and KITT would say, 'Where've you been, Michael?' And I'd be like, 'Well, all the cars talk now.'"