David Rose, Deaf Quadriplegic, Dies, Leaves Behind Inspiration for Followers

David Rose, 24, was not unlike other young people his age: he loved being on the computer, sending tweets and keeping up with his online blog. But what made him unique was the fact that he was not only deaf but also quadriplegic. Rose died last week, leaving behind messages for family and friends.

"Today I found out I have pneumonia," he posted a few days before his death. "It's not the nice kind either, where you cough for a few days then go home and have ice cream. It's the bad kind where you probably do not go home."

UPDATE (Oct. 17): READ - David Rose, Deaf and Quadriplegic Blogger, Exposed as Fraud

Rose was born with cerebral palsy and confined to a wheelchair yet found freedom through his words and online forums. He used the Internet to deal with his life, and impending death.

"So I am write [sic] this today and ask Nichole that if everything be fine in a week then trash this and I will write a funny new post with a lot of boob jokes in it. But if I not be around in a week then publish this. So if you read this now it['s] because I am not around anymore so there are people I want to thank and few things I want to say," Rose posted.

"First of all [I] want to ask if there is sound in heaven. I guess there is but not sure if I want it! Here on earth I['ve] been happy to be deaf and nobody seem to be very good at describe [sic] what is sound, so I have not miss it," he noted.

Rose then went on to personally thank his mom, whom he called the "best mom ever." And he had a piece of advice for his sister, Nichole, who helped him with his online adventures.

"Nichole, please be happy. You will not find it in a guy or in alcohol. You find it in yourself and need [to] learn to love yourself again. You can do hat without my help now. Please do what you [have] been wanting to do for long time," Rose advised.

Rose had over 15,000 followers on Twitter, who kept up with his every move and blog post. The last tweet, from sister Nichole, reads: "At 5:33 p.m. David was wished away by angels… bless you all."

UPDATE (Oct. 17): READ - David Rose, Deaf and Quadriplegic Blogger, Exposed as Fraud