Day Care Shooting: 2 Dead in Quebec as Children Witness Horrific Killings (VIDEO)

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(Photo: CityNews Toronto Screen Shot)Two men have died after a daycare shooting in Quebec.

A day care shooting has stunned locals in a Quebec town on Friday, as a man reportedly shot dead another man before killing himself. All 53 children in the Gatineau city daycare at the time of the shooting were unharmed and were quickly evacuated from the building.

The horrific incident is said to have taken place in front of some of the young children, and initially had sparked fears that a much bigger tragedy was unfolding.

The incident immediately sparked fears that this could be a similar massacre to the one that took place at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut in the United States last year in which 20 children were killed by a lone gunman.

An emergency phone call was placed to police reporting that an armed gunman with a shotgun had threatened people at the daycare center, putting authorities on immediate alert.

Gatineau Police Chief Mario Harel said that officers were quickly dispatched and found one man dead with a shotgun laying beside him, and a second unidentified employee of the daycare also dead.

Although initial reports are hazy as investigations get underway, Harel did indicate that the killing seems to be connected to a recent breakup between a couple. The police chief did not offer any further details.

The daycare is reportedly split into two homes, and police are said to have found one dead body in each home.

The children were quickly evacuated from the homes and were temporarily sheltered at a nearby house.

Authorities have also confirmed that children witnessed the horrific incident. Harel said, "It's a small area, it's a close space. For sure, they should have been witness (to) the event," according to The Associated Press.

Here is a video news report into the daycare shooting incident in Quebec: