Day Care Workers Fired After Making Horrid Comments on Instagram about Pictures Taken of Children

Two day care workers were fired in Virginia after posting photos of children taken at the day care on Instagram, complete with comments making fun of them.

"He is thinking cuz sure can't talk," one of the managers from Heavenly Haven Learning Center 2 wrote on Instagram about a 2-year-old with a delayed speech development.

"If you don't genuinely love and care for children, and if it's not a passion of yours, this isn't something that you should be involved in. If you think it's funny that a child is delayed or if they're not perfect or they have shortcomings, if that's a joke to you or something that you think you should tease about, that's not a job for you," Melissa Jordan whose son, Ethan, was in one of the pictures told CNN's "New Day."

"That's how bullying starts. That's how children become bullies" and insecure, she added.

Ethan wasn't the only child publicized.

The user @mz_oneofakind, whose account has been taken down, also posted a photo of a boy whose protruding front teeth she compared to those of Mater from the movie "Cars."

Heavenly Haven's operator said the two employees violated the day care's privacy policy and were terminated after the center apologized to Jordan

The Virginia Department of Social Services is said to be currently investigating the incident.

Asked how she would feel if the workers involved said it was a misunderstanding and that they were just trying to be funny, Jordan told CNN, "maybe I would be a little bit more understanding, like OK, it was an inappropriate joke."

There's no excuse, "but at least I can understand a human error," she said. "But that hasn't even happened."

"At my house we don't make fun of each other for our shortcomings, things that are out of our control," she said. "Things that we need extra help with, we don't tease each other about."