Daylight Savings Doesn't Slow Down 'Father Time'

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Our clocks have now been moved forward by one hour. Most of them anyway. We have gained an hour of daylight. At the same time, we continue to lose days and years as they keep getting gobbled up by "Father Time."

Does Father Time seem to be running faster to you than he used to? We are told that as we get older, "time goes faster." That sure is a common feeling for everyone over 30.

Meanwhile, gas prices continue to skyrocket. Iran pushes onward with its "saber-rattling." Nations are sinking in debt, riots and chaos. How much longer can this whole thing last?

Try something for a minute. You have just moved your clocks forward one hour. Now try moving your "mental clock" ahead by one century. Envision yourself in 2112. Where will you be? Will you be glad then about your acceptance or rejection of Jesus which took place back here in 2012? I know it's hard to think that far ahead, but it is well worth the mental exercise. You are going to find yourself there in virtually no time.

It was 2000 years ago in time that the Messiah landed on this planet. When He left earth after a brutal reception, He promised that He would return. It's only a matter of time. Whatever issues you may have with "those Christians" or "the church," it is time for you to deal one on one with Jesus. After all, you are going to stand in front of Him sooner or later anyway. That's a guarantee.

When we are young, we feel invincible. As we get older, we begin to confront our mortality. We are told that our inner person is immortal. Some of us believe it. Others of us don't. Your belief or unbelief about your immortal soul will not change the reality of it.

What have you got to lose by opening your mind to the reality that Jesus Christ truly is the Savior of the world? Closed minds lock people "in time and space" where they refuse to honestly consider the claims of Christ. The older they get, the harder their hearts become toward Jesus. As time rolls on, is your mind becoming more open or more closed regarding the Person of Jesus Christ? Without wanting to be overly dramatic, the hard truth is that you are running out of time to make any changes.

So you and I have gained an hour of daylight. Cool. More time to do things outside. As you look up into the heavens with all of this time on your hands, are you going to make the most of the few years you have left on earth? Are you going to love God and love others while you still have time to do it?

Jesus entered our time dimension at a point in time. His return will happen at another point in time. We live in between those two points. At the end of the day, life is pointless unless we are friends with the One who invented time.

There will not be clocks or watches in heaven and hell. Time will seem to stand still, and yet it will continue to advance with no end in sight. No one will ever be bored, not even for a second. Your experience in one of those two places will be heightened to an unimaginable level of existence.

Right now, we are still living in a bit of a fog. That will all change when time turns into eternity, either at your death or at the return of Christ while you are still living on earth. Either way, your train is steaming toward the station. When you get off the train, you will enter your eternal home once and for all.

About a year ago, I invited a guy in our church to share his dream that he had when he was 17-years-old with everyone. It took place before he became a Christian. Mike dreamed that he was standing in line to meet Jesus on Judgment Day. Jesus was welcoming some of the people into heaven, and sending others in line to hell. When Mike came face to face with Jesus, the Lord told him, "Depart from me. I never knew you." Mike tried to argue his case, but to no avail. As he was guided off in the direction of hell, Mike suddenly woke up from his dream.

The next Sunday Mike came forward at the end of the service and professed faith in Jesus Christ. Mike has never looked back, and one day Mike will join all believers in heaven. His dream did not turn into an eternal nightmare, but rather, an incentive to give his life to Christ and trust in Christ's death on the cross as the payment for his sins.

Sure you can live life and pretend there is nothing to all of this "heaven and hell talk." On the other hand, you could think forward one century and consider whether or not you received God's free gift of eternal life back here in 2012 while you still had the time to do it. Mike had a dream. You read this article and are able to accept or reject Christ as your Savior today.

Saving an hour of daylight is nothing compared to Jesus saving your soul. One change lasts for a season; the other change lasts for eternity. So go ahead; move forward a century in your thinking for just a moment. The time has come for you to take an honest peek behind the curtain.

Dan Delzell is the pastor of Wellspring Lutheran Church in Papillion, Neb. He is a regular contributor to The Christian Post.