'Days Gone' Release Date News: Delayed to Next Year

Facebook/PlayStationAsiaA promo poster for the PlayStation at E3

The upcoming PlayStation 4 exclusive title "Days Gone" has delayed its release date to next year instead of this year. 

As reported by GameSpot, a representative from Sony stated that "Days Gone" is now scheduled for a 2019 release date. However, the representative failed to mention a more specific period of when the game could hit the shelves, nor did they state any reason as to why the delay was deemed necessary by the video game developer, Bend Studios. 

The statement was concluded by Sony, saying that it will keep fans up to date as soon as it has a better idea of when "Days Gone" would be released. In the past, president of Sony Worldwide Studio Shuhei Yoshida announced that the third-person zombie survival video game would be available sometime this year — although Yoshida even then failed to provide a rough estimate on when "Days Gone" could be available for players. 

Players around the world first got wind of the highly anticipated title two years ago during the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) by one of the developers from Ben Studios, and boasted the rich narrative and immersive experience that the game mainly focuses on. 

Given how Sony usually markets its exclusive titles, there is little to no surprise that "Days Gone" has been delayed. As reported by PlayStation Lifestyle, it is speculated that the developers at Bend Studios could be spending a bit more time to further polish the game's overall aesthetics and mechanics. 

Meanwhile, it could also be possible that Sony is deciding to spread out its highly anticipated titles to maximize its profit — especially since "God of War" and "Detroit: Become Human" are slated to come out this year. 

Additionally, if the game was truly going to be made available to players this year, then it would have been likely for "Days Gone" to be announced in the previous PlayStation Experience (PSX) event last year for marketing purposes. However, the game was not featured during PSX 2017.