DEA Raids in Seattle: Agents Raid Medical Marijuana Dispensaries

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REUTERS/Enrique MarcarianA cannabis sativa plant is seen in this file photo.

DEA raids in Seattle have seen federal agents from the Drug Enforcement Agency clamp down on dispensaries for medical marijuana, according to reports.

Agents reportedly raided several dispensaries through he Seattle area this week, which allegedly came as a shock to the medical marijuana vendors.

A national debate has taken place over the legalities of various medical marijuana dispensaries, and they have been under a 2 year investigation, according to KIRO TV. Owners of the dispensaries believe they were operating under the law and that the investigations and the raids have been unwarranted.

One alleged vendor, Addy Norton, who works at Olympia's Bayside Collective, said, "It hurts me a lot. This is really hard. This is my life."

He has claimed that DEA agents came bursting into his medical marijuana dispensary on Wednesday morning "sticking their guns in his face" as they conducted their raid.

Another vendor, Casey Lee, has claimed to reporters that nearly 20 of his marijuana plants from shelves were raided by agents. He also has said that agents raided employee paperwork and a variety of edible marijuana products.

Lee has said the raid shocked him, and as far as he knows he has done nothing unlawful.

Lee said, "I kept saying, 'We don't feel like we've done anything wrong. Why are you guys here?' And they said, 'Well, you guys are state legal, but you are still not federally legal,' that's all they could tell me."

The raids reportedly come as part of a 2 year investigation into the running of various medical marijuana dispensaries.

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