Dead in Columbia Dorm: Fingers' Boyfriend Dismisses Accusations, Death Threats

Former track star Jessica Fingers, 21, was found dead in a Columbia University dorm room by her boyfriend, Peter Russell. Now Russell is engaged in a heated exchange with Fingers' brother over her possible overdose and defending himself against accusations that he knows more about what happened to Fingers than he is letting on.

"I don't know what to do without you by my side my partner and my best friend. I can't answer the phone anymore I don't know what to say… I need you," Russell posted on his Facebook page.

Russell was the one to discover Fingers' lifeless body on the floor of his dorm room at Columbia University where she had come to visit him. His initial post of her death unleashed a torrent of accusations from a user named Flacko Ty who is believed to be Fingers' brother, Tyrell.

"F--- u peter im coming for ur life," Flacko Ty posted on Russell's Facebook page.

"If any of u idiots knew her then u know she was doing drugs long before she met me," Russell responded. "She bought that methadone her damn self," he added before getting into a heated debate with his accuser.

"She told me she loved me night and day and talked about having my babies and growing old together. You will never soil her memory in my mind. Screw all this fb [expletive] im going to mourn my sweetheart and that's it… im not worried about any of you she would be mad at me for carrying on this stupid argument she deserves to rest in peace im going to miss her every day," Russell added.

"I am glad I had the privilege of her being a part of my life being with her were the best moments I have ever had and I love her more than words can say," Russell concluded.

Since then, Russell has changed his Facebook settings so that no one can see his posts or what is written on his wall. The Daily News reported that he has been questioned by police but not charged with any crime.

Fingers' family remains skeptical of Russell's role in Jessica's life, though.

"I never liked him," Jessica's mother, Athena, told the Daily News. "He influenced the decisions she made in the last few months. He wasn't good for her. I tried to tell her what I thought, but she was grown. She said she was in love."

"The friends that Jessica had prior to Peter were a party crowd," Russell's roommate, Thomas Meyer, said in defense of his friend. "I understand that her family is grieving and they need someone to blame, but they can't solely put her death on Peter. The two made a conscious decision to do these things."