Dealing with Job Search Dragons

Job search dragons exist wherever there is disagreement and conflict surrounding any phase of the search process. They are the result of poor communication no matter the reason or timing.

The way to deal with these dragons is to stop them in their tracks and remain focused on resolving any conflict or heading it off before it escalates out of control.

Here are some tips for dealing with job search dragons:

-Take responsibility for your own actions, attitudes, and behavior. While you can't control or change others, you can decide how you will respond to conflict, job search dragons and the frustration they cause.

-Go directly to those with whom you disagree or have a conflict. Avoid behind-the-back criticism. If this fails, then ask an objective third party to act as a facilitator in helping you resolve the conflict.

-Be slow to speak and become angry yet quick to listen. Take a break when conversations get heated and control your impulses to lash out or retaliate.

-Examine the key points you learn from each job search dragon that comes your way. Conflict, though painful, is necessary for growth and maturity. Enter each conflict situation with a learning mindset.