Debbie Gibson's NBA Performance Makes Waves (PHOTO)

Former teen star Debbie Gibson is reinvigorating her career with an age-defying performance in the middle of the NBA match in New York City on Thursday.

The Broadway star performed a quarter time show during the New York Knicks and the Houston Rockets game on Nov. 14th, garnering her widespread praise on social media.

Taking Madison Square Garden by storm, 43-year-old Gibson donned a sparkling leotard and a fringed skirt, according to Us Weekly.

"In dressing room getting ready for my Knicks performance," she posted to Twitter ahead of the game. "Getting ready to entertain the NYC crowd at the Knicks game!"

The "Electric Youth" founder joined the Knicks City Dancers on the song "Diamonds are a Girl's Best Friend" and proved that women of any age can still look fabulous.

Following the performance, Gibson herself took to Twitter with her excitement.

"So much fun! Rocked it! 'a little glitter to go with your beer Knicks fans?!? Whew! Over and out," she posted.

Then, in the morning, Gibson reiterated the effect her performance had.

"Gmorning everyone! Still recovering from the debut of @nyknicks quarter time show. 1st ever! Brought some old skool glam to the court! Fun."

Furthermore, the former "Deal or No Deal" contestant is seeing an influx in performing opportunities following her energetic stint at Madison Square Garden.

"ok #debheads time to start the re-pack before the travel, un-pack, re-pack, and travel again," the singer posted to Twitter. "Tis the season : ) Love travel and performing!"

Gibson, a multiple-time reality television competition participant, is also well known for her career in music, including her number one hit single "Foolish Beat."

Despite her glowing performance, Gibson admitted that she is no stranger to struggling with her health.

"I was constantly going to the doctor," she told Us Weekly in 2012. "I finally realized my food choices were affecting my health."