Debt: The Biblical Perspective

 When 26-year-old Megan graduated from the university with her Master's in International Affairs, she had big career aspirations. But after two years of job hunting, she finds herself working as the manager of a women's retail store and living with her parents just so she can make ends meet. Not exactly the life Megan imagined when she was studying long hours in the library and working that part-time job to pay her way through school. And sadly, Megan's story is not uncommon.

The younger generation entering the work-force is facing a harsh reality check. That is, 36 percent of America's young adults are living under their parents' roofs living paycheck to paycheck with no prospects in sight. For the first time in our nation's history, young people face a future that threatens to be less financially secure than that of their parents. Only 44 percent of Americans - fewer than ever before - believe that today's youth will have more prosperous lives than their parents.