Deer in Trunk Not Dead: 'Roadkill' Jumped From Man's Trunk and Ran (VIDEO)

A man who planned to eat a deer that he presumed was roadkill received the shock of his life when, while at police checkpoint, the deer hopped out of his car.

While stopped at a police checkpoint in Kalamazoo, Michigan, the driver of the car admitted to police that he had accidentally hit a deer during his journey. The police asked the man to open the trunk and verify his story.

But once the trunk was opened, both the police and the driver received an unexpected surprise. The deer jumped from the trunk and made an attempt to run away. It appears that the deer was not dead after all, although clearly startled. On its first escape attempt, it stumbled and fell.

In the video, which began making rounds on the internet Tuesday morning, the deer appears confused and hesitated about its next move before making a second attempt to run. The second time, the attempt was a success, and the deer managed to escape.

The incident occurred at around 2 a.m. The name of the driver was not revealed, but police claimed that the man was at a "loss for words," according to Daily Mail. While the deer managed to escape, many suggested that it was unlikely to survive the incident.

"The deer had probably internal injuries and will die or will be killed by some wild animal in the woods," one user said.

"I'd be scared out of my wits having been convinced enough to put the dead deer in the boot. Probably would have pulled out a gun and finished the job. It most likely will have internal injuries," said another.