Defeating the Occult: Confronting Demon Possession, Hauntings (Part 2)

A multipart series on facing – and defeating – the forces of evil through Christ

It was the week before Halloween, 1988. Bill Scott was an announcer working at a major Christian radio broadcaster when he received a call from someone claiming that a coven of Satanist witches was after her.

Scott initially thought it was a prank, but the events of that morning would lead him into a dark world of demon possession, hauntings at his home, and witchcraft.

So begins the book The Day Satan Called, released in October, which is a written account of these events by Scott.

“I was very fearful to write the book,” said Scott in an interview with The Christian Post, admitting how unbelievable his experiences were.

“Now that the book is out I am amazed at how many people believe what I have shared and even have shared their own experiences. It's like the book has given them permission to tell their story as well.”

The caller that fateful day was a 30-something woman known as Roxanne, who claimed to be a high priestess for a violent witch coven. She was the one making the calls to the station and it was she who seemed to bring this great evil wherever she went. Upon her visit to the radio station, it became apparent to those at the station that she was possessed.

After Scott and several of his coworkers appeared to prevail in driving out her demons, he offered to let Roxanne stay with him and his wife until she could get her life back together.

“This book also contains a nice-size list of things not to do. Taking home a person who is or has been demon-possessed is one of them,” wrote Scott.

Over the next 18 months, demons within Roxanne would make their presence known and would not leave until after hours of intense prayers took place, Scott wrote.

In those days, everywhere Scott went, the Satanically-centered coven Roxanne said she was part of threatened to kill him, his wife, and Roxanne. Even during the time when Roxanne was away at a Christian help center for several weeks, the terrifying experiences continued at Scott’s home.

Scott wrote of constant phone calls, threats on his life, and even members of the coven appearing in spirit form in his bedroom late at night.

When asked by The Christian Post if Scott ever found definitive proof that this coven even existed, he admitted that he never received full confirmation.

“I didn't have 100 percent verification that she was part of a coven. My wife and I have had this discussion many times. We both believe she was at some level,” said Scott.

“It seems odd that people would come looking for her if she wasn't involved in a coven. During our 18 month journey with Roxanne, we met a few individuals in person and on the phone that were searching for her and very angry they couldn't find her.”

Ultimately, despite the many problems that befell Scott, he remained stubborn. Even as demons came, sometimes in bodily form to his house, he fought back.

Scott talked about how unprepared he was to deal with the demons Roxanne had, and how as time passed, he learned through his experiences to achieve a level of success.

These efforts led to people around him asking for help when they encountered family or friends that appeared to be possessed. As Scott wrote, “at the time, I was a magnet for spiritual warfare.”

But the ultimate success came years later. By the end of her stay, Roxanne left with no apparent evidence that she had been cured of her demons. As Scott wrote about his experiences, he contacted Roxanne to ask permission to write about her story. When he did, talking to her years later, he heard good news.

“After a few seconds of small talk, Roxanne opened up to tell me where she was in life. She had been involved in a great church for nearly five years,” wrote Scott.

“She shared that her mental state was up and down, but the demons were gone.”

The Day Satan Called offers readers a disturbing account of what one man went through to help someone overcome demonic possession. All the while, that man himself doubted everything that was taking place.

“How had I found myself in a cheap horror movie?” wrote Scott early on in the book.

The issue of demonic possession and exorcisms can be tenuous as individuals who claim to have had experiences akin to Scott’s find themselves living in a largely skeptical society. Part three of this series will look at the controversy.