Deion Sanders Calls God 'Faithful' After Court Grants Restraining Order Against Ex-Wife, Custody of Children

Deion "Prime Time" Sanders, NFL Hall-of-Famer, thanked God after a domestic dispute with ex-wife Pilar Sanders resulted in a judge granting the athlete custody of his children and a restraining order against his estranged former spouse.

On Monday, Texas District Judge Ray Wheless gave the former NFL player temporary custody of the couple's children pending a custody hearing, while mandating that his former wife remain 500 yards from the home where he resides in Dallas, Texas.

The ruling stems from an April 23 domestic altercation at the former couple's $5.7 million home where each alleged that they were attacked by the other. However, the judge ruled that the Hall-of-Famer was only defending himself against Pilar's assault.

After Sanders found out about the court ruling, he took to Twitter to express his excitement and thank God.

"God is so good! Don't ever doubt Him no matter how your situation looks," Sanders tweeted. "Trust him please. He is so faithful."

However, some were less than happy about his celebration on the social networking website.

"This is coming from a guy who live tweeted about his domestic violence situation and used his kids in the photo opportunity," one person tweeted to the former NFL star in reference to him posting a picture of his children filling out a police report after the domestic dispute last month. "Shut up!"

However, Sanders defended his actions.

"Love is real and God is good," he responded. "There's a reason baby! Yes truth."

The football star responded to another fan who spoke about Sander's bad parenting choices.

"I feel sorry for the children of Deion Sanders and Pilar Sanders," one woman tweeted. "It is not good for them to witness lies and greed in both parents."

Sanders attempted to correct the woman by saying, "1 parent" was involved in the lies and greed she spoke about.

Despite the opinions he received on Twitter, Sanders let close to 400,000 followers know that he was playing Kirk Franklin and not worrying about the speculation. Instead, Sanders said he would focus on his Christian faith.

"Stop worrying about what people say," Sanders tweeted. "Concern yourself with what God says. If you know who you are in Christ people's opinion shouldn't matter."