Deitrick Haddon Becomes an R&B Singer

Gospel star Deitrick Haddon, well known for hits like "Sinner's Prayer" and "Well Done" is embracing his R&B side on his upcoming project "A Beautiful Soul."

"A Beautiful Soul" is the upcoming film that will star Deitrick Haddon as Andre Stephen, an outlandish, overconfident, and highly successful R&B superstar. Thinking he has the perfect life, Stephen comes to see how spiritually deprived he is as he experiences a life changing, tragic event.

Left clinging to his life after a vicious attack that also involved his best friend, Chris Johnson, played by Robert Ri'chard, he is left to reevaluate his life and spiritual stance.

This is not Deitrick Haddon that his fans are used to seeing. He wants to makes sure that his fans can differentiate between the two. In an interview with KJLH he mentioned that sometimes "church people" can't make the separation in their minds, but the lifestyle that his character exhibits does not reflect him in real life.