Deitrick Haddon Tells Pastors Preach the Word Instead of Rebuking 'Preachers of LA'

Deitrick Haddon is speaking out against Pastors taking to their pulpits to preach against his controversial Oxygen network docu-series "Preachers of L.A."

Haddon, the minister and gospel singer, took to his Twitter account to speak out against preachers who may speak negatively about his show.

"If your pastor's message is all about #PreachersofLA this sunday I recommend that you find another church," Haddon tweeted. "Preach the word & that's all! lol"

Still, he was open to criticism about his comment. One person did not seem to agree with his tweets and challenged his opinion.

"@DeitrickHaddon That's NOT a reason to go to another church if that's where GOD placed for that season," the person tweeted.

Haddon did not debate the individual and simply responded by tweeting, "Amen."

The gospel singer's comment comes after a number of pastors including the Rev. James C. Perkins, the pastor of Greater Christ Baptist Church in Detroit, Mich., spoke out against the show to

"I don't think the show represents the best of the Black church tradition," Perkins told BET. "The downside is that people often paint all pastors with a broad brush and, after watching this show, they may well begin to associate all pastors with those behaviors.There are many pastors who are out here serving the people and not just serving themselves."

Haddon,40, previously revealed why he decided to take part in the controversial reality television series.

"Because I cannot pass up the opportunity to share the gospel with 100 million homes on a weekly basis for eight weeks. People are interested in our culture and gospel music in the church, but everybody's afraid to share the truth about who we are and what we do," Haddon told S2S magazine recently. "And I think the next dimension of winning souls-or just sharing the gospel-is just being transparent. It's not being fake and phony and up on the pulpit preaching to everybody else but not sharing who you really are or your flaws."