Delonte West Reveals Humility to Work in Furniture Store During NBA Lockout

Delonte West, Boston Celtics’ point guard, has publicly spoken about his quest to find another job during the NBA lockout and has finally found one.

The former Cleveland Cavaliers point guard stated that he would work for Regency Furniture store in Maryland.

"Applied at Regency Furniture, need a second job to stay afloat during the lockout," West tweeted, along with an image of his official job application.

The NBA star has made no secret about putting his celebrity status to the side for honest work during the lockout.

“It's official. Pride to the side, just filled out an application at Home Depot,” West tweeted in the past. “Lockout (is not) a game.”

While some of West’s NBA peers have expressed interest in playing overseas during the lockout, a 2009 arrest has made it impossible for him to do so. The PG was previous stopped by police with weapons in his possession without any legal permits.

West told his Twitter followers how the record has hurt his chances of playing basketball professionally in another country during the NBA lockout.

“Can't even go get that over seas money,” the PG tweeted in August. “Judge said it's a no go on leaving the country.”

Although some have questioned West’s desire to take a pay cut to work at a furniture store, the PG was sharing his financial struggles with Twitter over the summer.

“Broke down in the ATM line (with) 25 cars behind me and I already reached my daily limit,” West tweeted. “I'm broke and my cars broke. Where's my therapist?”

The basketball player, diagnosed with bi-polar disorder, may have surprised some with his job search, but he has also inspired some fans.

"Kudos to Delonte,” one person tweeted. “NBA players joking about getting day jobs is dumb, but actually getting one isn't."