Demi Lovato Called Out by 'X Factor' Contestant for Using Auto-Tune

Demi Lovato may be a judge on the "X Factor" along with the likes of L.A. Reid, Simon Cowell and Britney Spears, but some people aren't openly respecting her singing abilities.

In the preview for the FOX television show scheduled for a Sept. 12 premiere, new judges Lovato and Spears attempted to tell a contestant that he didn't have what it takes to continue in the singing competition. While viewers will have to wait until the show's premiere to figure out just how bad the contestant's performance was, Cowell's reaction may give people an indication.

"It's just wrong," Cowell told the contestant.

However, the man dressed in a hooded sweatshirt and a yellow striped V-neck shirt was not ready to take the constructive criticism lightly.

"You know what? I work way too freaking hard for this," the man said in front of a screaming audience.

When Lovato, 20-year-old singer and actress, interrupted the man to chastise him, he had a rebuttal ready.

"A lot of people work really really hard for their dreams, but it's not meant for everybody," Lovato told the man.

The man responded by saying, "That's why you use Auto-Tune and I don't."

While the audience seemed to roar with shock, Cowell's expression reflected disbelief.

Lovato and judge L.A. Reid attempted to respond, but it was Spears who came to the rescue of the young singer.

"I want to know who let you on stage," the-30-year-old singer said. "I feel uncomfortable with you even staring at me."

Still, the disgruntled contestant was not ready to leave without getting another word in.

"You know what? I don't need this either," he said. "I don't need amateur hour."

Reid closed the audition by dismissing the contestant with a "yea see you later."