Demi Lovato's Father Dies, Singer Says She is 'OK'

Demi Lovato addressed the recent death of her biological father in both an interview and on Twitter this week, assuring fans that she is "ok."

The "X-Factor" judge lost her father Patrick to cancer over the weekend.

"I feel so humbled to have had so much support from my fans, friends, family and complete strangers… God bless you all, thank you so much," the singer first posted to Twitter on Wednesday.

"Even though these past few days have been difficult, I learned that I have so much support and love from my fan (sic) and that makes me so happy," she later added.

Furthermore, the "Skyscrapers" singer opened up about her father's mental illness as well as her own while on "Good Morning America" on Thursday.

"I've dealt with mental illness," Lovato started, referring to her bi-polar disorder as well as issues with self-harming and an eating disorder. "My father dealt with mental illness. He wasn't able to function very well in society."

Lovato had previously acknowledged that she and her late father were estranged, but the singer has now teamed up with Cast Recovery in order to help others who suffer from mental illnesses.

"My father and I didn't have the most ideal relationship," she said. "But at the end of the day, he's still my dad. And I grew up with him, he was a wonderful person. And it's difficult. But I'm handling it OK."

"I'm working with Cast Recovery, a treatment center I've worked really, really closely with, and I have trust in their program," Lovato added during the TV appearance.

The Lovato Treatment Scholarship Program will help someone in need pay for treatment expenses at Cast Recovery. For more information, visit the treatment center's website.

Meanwhile, the "Heart Attack" singer's family members also addressed Patrick's death on Twitter.

"Rest in peace daddy I love you," wrote Lovato's 25-year-old sister, Dallas.

Alternately, Lovato's mother Dianna De La Garza posted, "Thank you for the outpouring of love and prayers. Ya'll are amazing!"

Despite the rough time, Lovato is staying busy promoting her latest single, "Made In the USA."