Demi Moore Divorce: Moore Weight Loss Worrying, Sara Leal Healthy and Happy?

Demi Moore has announced that she is ending her marriage to Ashton Kutcher after rumors that her husband cheated on her with a 22-year-old California woman.

Moore said in a statement Thursday, “It is with great sadness and a heavy heart that I have decided to end my six-year marriage to Ashton.”

She alleged that there are certain values and vows she holds sacred and for this reason she chose to move forward with her life.

“This is a trying time for me and my family, and so I would ask for the same compassion and privacy that you would give to anyone going through a similar situation.”

It has been a tough month for Moore after the sex scandal that was threatening her marriage to Kutcher.

US Weekly published photos that shows Moore slimmer and reported she’s been skipping meals in the wake of Kutcher’s rumored infidelity and affair.

“She is superskinny, and it’s hard to look at,” one friend told US Weekly.

Meanwhile Leal’s photos appear in multiple media outlets showing her apparently with healthy body and smiling.

Sara Leal reportedly had relations with Kutcher on his 6-year wedding anniversary. According to rumors, Leal promised she would tell the world her story if Kutcher did not pay up.

The New York Post reported Leal was looking to collect $ 250,000 from the new “Two and a Half Men” addition for keeping her story quiet.

According to her, Kutcher was the one who pursued and seduced her saying he was separated from his wife, Moore.