Demi Moore Divorce Sparks $290 Million Pre-Nup Agreement Fight (VIDEO)

After a celebrated 6-year May-December marriage, Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore have decided to go their separate ways, but not before Moore seeks a share of some of Kutcher’s earnings.

 Demi Moore Wants Ashton to Payout Despite Prenup Agreement

According to reports, Kutcher and Moore and signed a prenuptial agreement, but Moore is reportedly determined to steak her claim to some of Kutcher’s wealth, due to her anger over her treatment by the actor.

The actress, who was the top earner of the pair, during the start of the couple’s relationship in 2005, is reported to have received as much as $20 million per film during the height of her acting career, and, following her divorce from actor Bruce Willis in 2000, received a settlement of $80 million.

Still Kutcher, who received early success with the hit Fox TV series “That ‘70s Show” in 1998 and his reality-based MTV series “Punked”, and who currently stars in the hit CBS sitcom "Two and a Half Men", from which he is estimated to have earned $7 million last year, is a producer with interests in a number of other media enterprise.

The 49-year-old Moore is reportedly seeking revenge in her pursuit of a divorce settlement from the 33-year-old Kutcher.  Reportedly, Moore has instructed her attorneys to “punish him financially.”

According to the Daily Mail, celebrity divorce expert Raoul Felder said that the legal challenge for Moore could be a difficult one. The attorney said, ‘There are very few grounds for overturning a pre-nuptial agreement.’