Demi Moore 'Really Hurt' by Ashton Kutcher: Divorce Settlement About More Than Money? (VIDEO)

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REUTERS/Paulo WhitakerActor Ashton Kutcher and his wife actress Demi Moore (L) wave to fans as they arrive for Colcci's Winter 2011 collection

Demi Moore was "really hurt" by husband Ashton Kutcher, and this rather than money, is the greater reason why she is so hung up on getting her divorce settlement right, according to new reports out this week.

According to celebrity news website TMZ, Demi Moore finally made her officially filing to divorce Kutcher on Thursday. She has allegedly asked him to pay her spousal support and to cover her attorney fees.

Most analysts agree that Moore does not really need the money at all; she is reportedly worth about $150 million, and has more than enough money to support herself.

According to in November 2011 Moore had a net worth of about $150 million, where as Kutcher had $140 million. His earnings, however, have skyrocketed since their split after he was chosen to replace Charlie Sheen on hit TV sitcom "Two and a Half Men." He reportedly earned $24 million in 2012 alone for his part on that show.

Kutcher is also reportedly making a healthy profit on all his wealth by investing in various tech. companies, further increasing his wealth since those figures were estimated.

However, regardless Moore still has more money than most can even dream of possessing. That fact has seemingly led a source close to the situation to tell TMZ that this is more a "woman scorned" scenario, where Moore believes she as betrayed by Kutcher and that he ended up getting a lot more out of their marriage than she did. So she feels she is due something back from Kutcher, and although the source to TMZ did not say she wanted "revenge," they believed she was been "really hurt" by him.

The couple are allegedly nearing the end of negotiations of a settlement, which is thought not to include spousal support. The TMZ report claims that Moore's New York attorney William Beslow, is aiming to strike a deal to make sure she does better long term. Meanwhile, Kutcher is being represented by LA celebrity lawyer Laura Wasser, and is thought to feel like he does not owe as much of his success to Moore as she claims.

Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher split in 2011 after six years of marriage, and their divorce is thought to eventually go through later this year.

Here is a video report on Demi Moore filing her divorce papers this week: