Demi Moore Reunites With Daughter? 'No Hard Feelings Between Them'

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(PHOTO: REUTERS/Fred Prouser)Actress Demi Moore (R) poses with her daughter Rumer Willis at the premiere of Rumer's new film "Sorority Row" in Hollywood, California September 3, 2009.

Demi Moore was photographed spending quality time with her oldest daughter Rumer, fueling reports that they have repaired their previously strained relationship.

Moore, 50, was photographed alongside Rumer, 24, while leaving a Golden Bridge yoga class in Hollywood Saturday. The actress reportedly stopped speaking to her three daughters, who are fathered by actor Bruce Willis, following her 2011 separation from Ashton Kutcher, but new reports claim that they are all now back on track, according to Us magazine.

"They all did the class together, and after 90 minutes they walked out as a group. Demi and Rumer seemed very close, like they had been in the past. There didn't seem to be any tension or hard feelings between them," a source told Us about Moore, Rumer and her boyfriend Jayson Blair.

"Everything seemed very normal and friendly. Then they walked separately to their cars and went on their way. Rumer left with her boyfriend, and Demi left with a girlfriend," the source added.

In 2012, Moore was hospitalized after reportedly inhaling a substance in a bid to get high and her daughters Rumer, Scout, 21, and Tullulah, 18 subsequently distanced themselves from her. The actress was allegedly struggling with the breakdown of her 6-year marriage to Kutcher, 34.

"In the past few months, her life has totally spiraled out of control. Demi is beside herself over her fractured relationship with her three daughters, and she's heartbroken that Ashton has fully moved on. She's isolated, frightened and lonely," a source previously told OK! magazine at the time.

"The girls are disgusted with their mom right now. They're calling her an embarrassing freak for the way she's been behaving lately. They think she's made a mockery of their family with her drug woes and erratic behavior," the source added.

Rumer is believed to have led the charge in cutting her mother off after her breakdown and her younger sisters allegedly followed, according to reports.

"Rumer is really the one making the decision to do this as the oldest," a source previously told The Sun U.K. regarding Rumer's decision to cut ties with Moore.

"Bruce [Willis] is now very much out of the spotlight and the kids were very happy about that. They started feeling that Demi needs to stay home and be more of a mother," the source added.

Moore completed a stint in rehab following her hospitalization and she is now said to be happy and healthy.

"My mother is on the road to recovery, It's slow going but we believe in her," Rumer previously told German news outlet TZ-online about her mother's admission into rehab.