Demi Moore 'Still Completely Infatuated' With Ashton Kutcher

Demi Moore is reportedly still in love with Ashton Kutcher and committed to saving their marriage, despite his new relationship with Lorene Scafaria.

The 49-year-old actress recently returned home after checking out of rehab and although she is now said to be doing a lot better, she now spends much of her time obsessing over her estranged husband, according to Grazia Magazine.

"Demi definitely isn't over him yet. Her mood right now relies solely on Ashton and how responsive he is to her messages and phone calls. If he doesn't message her back for a couple of hours or seems distant in a text, she starts freaking out," an insider told Grazia.

"While she won't admit it, she is still completely infatuated with him and it's clear she wants him back," the source added. "Demi is her own worst enemy, because she was doing great in rehab until Ashton came to visit her ... his visit really threw her off and she went from being relatively calm to very anxious and edgy."

The mother of three filed for divorce from Ashton Kutcher, 34, in November after six years of marriage following reports that he had cheated on her with 22-year-old Sara Leal.

Some fans suspect that it was her marital woes which led to Moore's drug-fueled breakdown in January, where she reportedly suffered a seizure-like episode after inhaling nitrous oxide or another substance in her home.

Many critics fear that reuniting with her cheating husband is a step backwards, but Moore is said to be "in denial" about Scafaria, who is also an actress, and is reportedly determined to rekindle her romance with Kutcher.

"Demi's friends are worried she doesn't seem to have acknowledged Ashton's new relationship. [She] doesn't know much about Lorene, as she's been shielded from the media while in rehab. Demi and Ashton have been texting regularly," a source told Heat Magazine.

"She seems to be in denial about the fact he is thinking of settling down with another woman and is looking forward to seeing him," the source claimed.