Demi Moore Younger Boyfriend Revealed, Secretly Dating Martin Henderson (PHOTO)

Demi Moore recently was recently photographed enjoying a romantic getaway with her new boyfriend Martin Henderson.

Moore, 49, and the New Zealand born actor, 37, had a lunch date at Nine Main Bakery and Deli in New Preston, Conn. on July 19.

"[Demi] was in line and a Colbie Caillat song came on -- she started singing along and dancing in a playful, flirty way," a fellow diner told Life and Style magazine.

"They were very comfortable with each other," another diner said.

The couple, who have reportedly been secretly dating for some time, enjoyed a lobster dinner at a friend's place just three days prior, followed by a 2-hour hike at Steep Rock Preserve the following morning.

They later joined friends for a casual outdoor barbecue where onlookers described the actress as looking "happy."

"She looked great -- chatty, healthy and happy," a source said.

"They just kept chatting and laughing," another explained.

The news follows reports that Moore, who separated from her estranged husband Ashton Kutcher in November, has had difficulty moving on since their break-up.

Kutcher, 33, is now dating actress Mila Kunis and Moore reportedly fears that there may be truth to recent reports that the pair are planning to have a baby.

"Demi looks at the celebrity blogs. She's crushed by the pictures of [Kutcher and Kunis] having all these cute dates. It's painful because Demi is still so in love with Ashton," a friend of Moore's said.

"[Moore] tried for years to have a baby with Ashton, but she just couldn't. Now that he's dating Mila, she could have his child in a heartbeat, and if she did, that would shatter Demi into a million pieces," the friend added.

Moore filed for divorce shortly after leaving Kutcher over an alleged affair that he had with 22-year-old Sara Leal on their wedding anniversary.

Moore's daughters from ex-husband Bruce Willis have reportedly maintained contact with the "Two And A Half Men" star, which has allegedly upset the actress.

"Ashton cheating on Demi humiliated her, and when she got out of the relationship she thought she was setting a good example for her daughters, so when they stayed close to Ashton it devastated her," a source told Radar Online.

"She doesn't understand how they could stay close with Ashton after he humiliated her and she's asked them to stop talking with him but they refuse," the insider went on.