Denise Richards Dog Dies: Actress Mourning, Continues Animal Rescue Work

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(PHOTO) Instagram: deniserichards_officialpageDenise Richards' dog Hank died

Denise Richards is mourning the loss of her beloved French bulldog after it passed away on Sunday.

The 41-year-old mother of three recently took to social networking site Twitter to pay tribute to Hank, her best friend of over 10 years.

"Last night we lost our beloved Hank … I will miss him dearly, 13 yrs old … been there for me thru it all Best dog ever & part of our family," Richards tweeted Jan. 21 alongside a picture of her furry friend.

Fans including the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals organization immediately reached out to the actress, offering her support during the difficult time.

"So sorry for your loss. Lots of love to [you and] your [family] during this difficult time," PETA tweeted.

Richards, who allegedly has a large family of rescue cats and dogs, is an advocate for animal rights and often recently has been promoting adoptions of animals in need of homes in the wake of Superstorm Sandy, according to People magazine.

"Day off tomorrow. Heading to an animal shelter, to help out. Over 600 rescued from the hurricane. My girls are coming to help too," a recent tweet read.

(Photo: Reuters: Denis Sinyakov)Denise Richards at the opening of fashion week in Moscow October 22, 1008.

Richards, who was once married to actor Charlie Sheen, previously opened up about her love for animals in a blog for iVillage in 2012. She works with the Best Friends Animal Society.

"When I first started acting I would help at shelters... One of the many causes near and dear to my heart is animal rescue. Every other Monday when I'm not working, I go to the shelter and we take out 30-50 dogs that would otherwise be euthanized," she wrote.

"I have a dog that was a victim of a very bad hoarding situation - his legs were very damaged, but we fixed him up too!" she continued. "I also have a dog that was born with no eyes. These dogs were all going to be euthanized. They are so loving and so happy at our home."