Denny Hamlin Crash: 'That's What He Gets,' Says Rival NASCAR Driver (VIDEO)

 Denny Hamlin crashed into rival NASCAR driver Joey Logano Sunday during the Auto Club 400 race in Fontana, Calif. The 34-year-old had to be airlifted to a hospital after the accident ripped through his vehicle.

Denny Hamlin was heading around the final lap and attempting to hold on to his first place lead, while Logano, a former teammate and rival, was in a close second place. While vying for the top spot, the two cars collided, sending each car into a separate wall. Logano escaped relatively unscathed, but Hamilin's car smashed headfirst into the wall.

Hamlin didn't lose consciousness during the crash, and escaped from the wreckage- an emergency medical team and ambulance soon arrived and took him to the infield care center. Back pain and traffic around the track meant the driver had to be airlifted to a hospital, according to USA Today.

"Thank u everyone for your message concerning Denny. Darian is keeping us posted," Jordan Fish, Hamlin's girlfriend, tweeted, referring to crew chief Darian Grubb. "[Denny's] alert n awake, main concern is his back."

Logano, who formerly raced alongside Hamlin on Joe Gibbs Racing, had no pity for the possibly injured driver.

"He probably shouldn't have done what he did last week, so that's what [Hamilin] gets," Logano said. "We were super fast, led a lot of laps. Nothing to hang our head down about, that's for sure."

Logano was referring to last week at Bristol Motor Speedway, when Hamlin tapped the back of his vehicle, causing the former to spin. After the race, Logano went to Hamlin's car, yelling while being held back by teammates.

"It's frustrating," Logano said. "We've got a freaking genius behind the wheel of the 11 car. Probably the worst teammate I've ever had. So I learn that now. He chose to run into the back of me. So whatever. I have a scorecard. I ain't putting up with that."

Kyle Busch ended up speeding by the two former teammates Sunday to win the Auto Club 400. Hamlin is expected to recover, according to reports.