Denny's New Wedding Chapel in Vegas: Kim Kardashian Wedding? (VIDEO)

Denny's restaurant, known for its all night family dining, has just become more family orientated. The 24-hour chain diner has just opened up a new location off the Vegas strip, wedding chapel included.

What better way to finish off a last minute wedding than bacon and eggs? On Thursday, Denny's restaurant opened a new 24-hour dining spot off the Las Vegas strip. Located near the historic Downtown Freemont area, the restaurant is making history with its new one stop shop.

And this is not just any Denny's; this pancake shop is made of steel, literally. The steel building has been molded into sleek modern curves that are accented by bright neon lights to fit into the "over the top" Las Vegas feel, Frances Allen, chief marketing officer, said in an interview with Reuters.

The new 6,400-square foot Denny's will come equipped with a full bar, and is the first to also include a photo booth and wedding chapel. The chapel is slated to begin hosting weddings as of next year with a celebrity wedding planned for February, according to Reuters.

While details of who the celebrity would be were left out, some are hopeful that it will be Kim Kardashian.

"I kind of hope it's Kim Kardashian because then you could have repeat performances," architect James Wines said at the ribbon cutting.

The outside modern looks carries through to the inside of the restaurant where more wave-shaped booth are compliments by triangular tables and modern art pieces colored in yellow. The look is paired with retro looking chairs and hanging light fixtures.

So why spend all the time and money planning a wedding, when you can have a 1-day ceremony on the Las Vegas strip, followed by a pancake reception?

"Puts a whole new meaning to the Denny's Grand Slam," one user joked on a Yahoo blog.

Others suggested that a diner wedding was "distasteful" and took away from the "meaning of marriage."