Wednesday, September 04, 2013
Derek Webb 'I Was Wrong, I'm Sorry, I Love You' Released Yesterday

Derek Webb 'I Was Wrong, I'm Sorry, I Love You' Released Yesterday

Derek Webb, former singer of Caedmon's Call and President of NoiseTrade music sharing website, released his new album, I Was Wrong, I'm Sorry & I Love You, yesterday.

The album is written as a reflective look back at his 20 years in music as well as 10 years since his first solo release. It is also the true follow up to that first record, She Must and Shall Go Free.

"The new album is very much connected to my first album, She Must and Shall Go Free, which came out a little more than 10 years ago and was the result of questions that I had about the church," he said to the Christian Post. "Having spent 10 years prior in Caedmon's Call and after years in the Christian culture, I found myself with a lot of questions about my role in the church. My first record was me trying to answer those questions."

Webb impressively handled all aspects of production, recording, and songwriting, and revealed lyric and acoustic videos every Tuesday leading up to the album's release.

On September 6, Webb will perform on the WGN Midday News as a preview to his "The Apology Tour," starting September 26.

Tickets will be sold in a unique format for the tour, with Webb opting to use a three-price system in the theme of the album. The "I WAS WRONG" admission (Ticket/Name Your Own Price), "I'M SORRY" ($12 ticket, Reserved Section Seating, $1 donation to Blood:Water Mission) and "I LOVE YOU" ($20 ticket, Group Q&A discussion, Autographed Tour Poster, Reserved Section Seating, $1 Donation to Blood:Water Mission).

"I'm going to spend some real time promoting the record. I'm going to get out on the road before the end of the year. I also am the President of Noisetrade and run that company, so that's about three days a week for me and part of my every day work that I do. I have two small kids and a wife. So that sounds like three or four full-time jobs right there," he said to CP.