Derrick Rose Caught in Trademark Battle Between Adidas and Ill. Church

Derrick Rose, star of the Chicago Bulls and face of the Adidas brand, is caught in the middle of a feud between the sneaker company and a Zion, Ill. church over a trademarked name.

The trademarked name under fire is "Add A Zero." The Christian Faith Fellowship Church owns the rights to this name and it is the name of a clothing line used to raise money for a day care program, food pantry, and a new building.

Adidas' created a new sub clothing line marketed around Rose called, "ADIZERO." When trying to register the name, the company was rejected because it sounded too much like the church's, which was trademarked three years prior.

The church was offered a mere $5,000 to relinquish their trademark, and they said no.

Last November Adidas took action against the church and petitioned the U.S. Trademark Office to cancel the church's original trademark because of claims that the name was not used enough, according to TMZ.

Christian Faith Fellowship pastor, E. James, sent letters to Adidas and Rose asking them to cease and desist. "I have long been an admirer of Adidas and would not expect a company of your stature, with celebrity endorsers like Mr. Rose, to try to use its wealth and power to bully a working class church," he said, reported TMZ.

The 23-year-old Rose is a two time all-star and won the Rookie of the Year award in 2009 in addition to the MVP this year.

He has also won numerous accolades in his lone year of college, including NCAA Tournament South Region MVP and Conference USA Freshman of the Year.

Off the court, Rose has an endorsement deal with Adidas sneakers, Wilson Sporting Goods, Skullcandy headphones, Powerade, and a Chicago Nissan dealership.