Derrick Rose to Return? Chicago Bulls vs Miami Heat Tonight (LIVE STREAM)

Superstar Point Guard Could Return for Game 1 of 2013 Playoffs

Derrick Rose could return to play against the Miami Heat during the playoffs, although Chicago Bulls coach tom Thibodeau has ruled out the star point guard for Game 1 of the series Monday night. Rose injured his knee last year in the playoffs, but was cleared by a doctor in March to play.

It's "still in the air," Rose told ESPN Monday before practice in Miami. "I might have a chance."

Derrick Rose's return has been of interest to fans and the organization because the superstar has not said he definitely will not play. Despite endless speculation from media and calls to play from fans, Rose says those in the organization have been much more kind.

"I haven't had any pressure from anyone- not in the organization, not from my teammates. They know I'm putting everything I have into trying to come back as fast as possible," Rose said. "But just trying to be smart with the whole situation and take my time."

Thibodeau is equally evasive, only telling reporters "we'll see" when asked about Rose playing against the Heat.

Meanwhile, Miami is preparing for the toughest possible scenario: a fresh Derrick Rose, a newly energized Chicago Bulls, and healed players- guard Kirk Hinrich is out with a bruised calf and forward Luol Deng was hospitalized with an illness.

"We have to prepare for the awareness that [Rose] could possibly come back," Miami coach Erik Spoelstra told ESPN Sunday. "That's all the thought we're giving it. If he does [return in the series], we'll try to be as aggressive as we normally are."

Dwyane Wade, who was out for 10 days because of a knee injury, will most likely be playing Monday night. He admitted that the Bulls comeback victories and spirit made them the underdogs.

"I don't know," he said when asked about Derrick Rose. "It's tough, but we'll see. It's a great storyline."

The game begins at 7 p.m. EST. To see the Chicago Bulls take on the Miami Heat, click on this live stream link.