Derwin Gray on 'Soul-Tattoos'

 Derwin Gray, founding pastor of Transformation Church in South Carolina, reminds readers in his new book, Limitless Life: You Are More Than Your Past When God Holds Your Future, that their identity is found in Jesus Christ, and not in labels like "addict," "orphan," or "failure" that family members, friends or life might have thrown their way.

The Transformation Church leader and former pro NFL player writes in Limitless Life that the truth of one's identity, worth, and purpose is centered in God through Jesus Christ. Nothing but God's grace, not even "religion," can remove the barriers placed upon people because of these labels, or "soul-tattoos" as Gray calls them.

When asked what he believes is God's desire for His children, Gray answered, "To be transformed into the image of Jesus and to continue Jesus' redemptive mission on earth through our gifts as the Holy Spirit empowers us, His Church, in every facet of life."

Read more of Gray's comments regarding his new book, Limitless Life in the Q&A below.