DeSean Jackson Returns to Philadelphia Eagles After Upset

DeSean Jackson, Philadelphia Eagles’ Wide Receiver who refused to begin training with his team due to a possible contractual issue, finally ended his holdout on Monday.

Jackson, 24, had been absent from the Eagles’ training camp since it opened on July 28, NFL networks reported. The WR was reportedly unhappy about his rookie contract, in which he is serving out his last year, according to ESPN.

After close to three years on the team, the former Pro Bowl pick would reportedly make $565,000 this season but was looking for a new contract. Although the news source was told Jackson would receive a meeting with management to discuss a contract extension, it has yet to take place.

The Philadelphia Inquirer reported that the team does not typically respond to player holdouts with negotiation. However Jeffrey Lurie spoke positively about the situation last Thursday.

"I'm not going to talk publicly about any of the dealings with him, but it's all positive, and we look forward to DeSean being here and working things out in a great way going forward," Lurie said.

Andy Reid, Eagles’ coach, seemed less focused on the wideout who was drafted in 2008.

"I haven't really focused on that. I haven't talked to him,” Reid said of Jackson. “If he's here, more power to him. If he's not, like I told you before, my focus is to make sure that I get the guys that are here coached up."

Jackson’s teammate, Eagles’ quarterback Michael Vick, said the WR will come back strong after missing 11 days of training camp, according the NFL.

"I can tell you he's excited to be back," Vick said, according to the Philadelphia Daily News. "He's ready to come back and play football this season, ready to come back and handle his business, be the consummate teammate. He's going to come in and let his play speak for itself, come in with a different attitude."

The WR had to return to the Eagles by Tuesday, if he did not want to forfeit a year of service time toward his free agency. According to ESPN, the new collective bargaining agreement calls for a fine of $30,000 per each missed day of camp.

Last season, Jackson made 47 passes for 1,056 yards, six touchdowns and averaged 11.6 yards on 20 punt returns. His 22.5 yard-per-catch average topped the league last season.