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'Designated Survivor' Season 2 Casting News: Michael J. Fox Tapped In 5-Episode Arc

'Designated Survivor' Season 2 Casting News: Michael J. Fox Tapped In 5-Episode Arc

Michael J. Fox lands a role in the second season of 'Designated Survivor' | REUTERS / MARIO ANZUONI

Michael J. Fox has been tapped to play a recurring role in "Designated Survivor" season 2.

The "Spin City" star will take on the role of Ethan West, a well-connected lawyer in Washington that was hired by the cabinet of President Tom Kirkman (Kiefer Sutherland).

According to TVLine, West will be appointed to serve as a special prosecutor to look into the case of the alleged leak of classified information done by former President Cornelius Moss (Geoff Pierson).

A character description was revealed by Deadline, saying that West "hyper-competitive, wily, relentless lawyer who plays his cards close to the vest and whose only allegiance is to his mandate." This will make him a formidable opponent of the current president because of his single-mindedness.

Reports also revealed that Fox's character will appear in a five-episode arc in "Designated Survivor" season 2.

But Fox will not be the only new addition in the second installment of the widely-acclaimed political drama. In November, reports revealed that Sutherland's co-star in "24" Kim Raver will join him in the show as Andrea Frost, a genius engineer and entrepreneur who owns the Apache Aerospace company.

In "24," Sutherland and Raver played an on-again, off-again lovers Jack Bauer and Audrey Raines for the show's fourth to sixth seasons. But it seems like their new characters in "Designated Survivor" will not be involved in a romantic relationship according to a statement from showrunner Keith Eisner. However, he teased that the two could develop a nice friendship.

Eisner also revealed that they may not center on any romantic arc for the president next season after losing his wife Alex (Natascha McElhone). "We don't have an interest in throwing this president into bed with someone else, immediately. We don't feel that's real, and Kiefer doesn't either," the showrunner stated.

ABC will release the premiere episode of "Designated Survivor" season 2 on Wednesday, Feb. 28, at 10 p.m. EDT.


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