'Destiny 2' Prestige Leviathan Raid Delayed, to be Released on Oct. 18

Facebook/DestinyTheGame"Destiny 2's" Leviathan raid will be delayed by a week.

Bungie has announced the delay of the "Prestige Leviathan Raid" in its online-only multiplayer first-person shooter video game, "Destiny 2."

According to Video Gamer, the mode will be available on Oct. 18 at 12 p.m. EST. The delay is reportedly due to the bug that affects the challenge concerning the Raid boss, Emperor Calus. Community Manager Cozmo said via the Destiny forums that a week would suffice to fix the issue. According to him, it is essential that the team with World First status would not have its legacy "tarnished by doubt, skepticism, or uncertainty."

"An exploit has been discovered in the Leviathan Raid that causes the encounters to be stripped of their intended challenge. To allow time to fix this issue, we are delaying the start of the Prestige Raid until next week," Cozmo explained.

Meanwhile, players of the multiplayer will be happy to note that a new map is has been added to the roster. "Distant Shore" is said to be available in the Crucible playlist at the end of the "Iron Banner." The event will run from Oct. 10 to 17.

On a different note, Polygon has listed the kinds of weapons gamers would need to play the three challenges in the Leviathan raid, "Royal Pools." When it comes to defeating the enemies, a combination of two armaments, one to kill the censor and another to take down the Ceremonial Bathers, would be the best form of attack.

The auto rifle will reportedly get the job done instead of a sniper or linear fusion rifle. The scout rifle will be useful in taking out adds around the Spears or the Hound plate, while a Power weapon will cause high burst damage. In dealing with Bathers, a rocket launcher and a grenade will work just fine.