'Destiny 2' Tips and Tricks: How to Get MIDA Multi-Tool Weapon Pack

Instagram/DestinyTheGameThe Titan class in 'Destiny 2' is not just for defense; they can be an aggressive assault troop as well.

One of the most wanted set of tools in "Destiny 2" right now is the MIDA Multi-Tool. And luckily, tips and guides are now up to help players on how to acquire the equipment.

The said tool is in-demand for a reason. It is a high-powered scout rifle with a much better fire rate compared to other similar weapons in the game – which, in a way, makes it exclusive. However, getting the said weapon does not come easily as well.

First, players should note that to acquire the MIDA Multi-Tool, they are required to finish "Destiny 2's" campaign mode – the same requirement applies to all exotic quests in the game.

After finishing the campaign, players need to proceed to the European Dead Zone and find the blue banner labeled "Enhanced!" to open the quest and talk to Devrim Kay. Gear Nuke advised players to gather rare and legendary scout rifles which will come in handy along the course of the quest for the MIDA Multi-Tool.

Players then need to complete all the missions Devrim Kay will present and follow the instructions. After doing so, they will be rewarded with the MIDA Mini-Tool.

They can now proceed to the tower and look for Banshee-44 that will present the player another quest. In Banshee-44's mission, the goals are to perform at least 50 precision kills using a scout rifle and 25 sets of multiple kills (three or more enemies hit without reloading).

After completing the missions, Banshee-44 will require players to dismantle five rare or legendary scout rifles – this is why extra weapons needed to be gathered at the beginning of the quest. If the players do not have spare weapons, they are advised to go on more public events first.

Meanwhile, after dismantling five weapons, the players will proceed to a quest titled "The Fall Will Kill You" where the mission is to kill enemies while up in the air using an SMG weapon like the MIDA Mini-Tool. For Titans and Hunters, the trick is to repeatedly jump and simultaneously kill enemies.

After completing Banshee-44's quest, players will then be awarded the MIDA Multi-Tool.

"Destiny 2" is now out on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The PC version will be released on Tuesday, Oct. 24.