'Destiny' DLC Rumors: Another Content Update Teased, What Will It Bring To The Game?

Rumors hinting that upcoming 'Destiny' update could bring back the 'Crimson Days' event
Twitter/DestinyTheGameAnother content update is expected to be released for 'Destiny'

Many "Destiny" fans are greeting 2017 with excitement knowing that the eagerly anticipated sequel "Destiny 2" is due out this year, but as it turns out, there are still reasons to keep tabs on the first-person shooter that is available right now.

In a recent post on their official website, the folks over at Bungie shared that support for the currently available game is not ending just yet, teasing that "they're hard at work on another content update that will give you new reasons to fight."

That the developers are still working to bring new stuff to the game has to be a pleasing revelation for fans who may have feared that "Destiny 2" is getting all the love right now.

Still, while the revelation that new things are coming to "Destiny" this year is a welcome one, it also serves to bring up another question from the community.

Specifically, players are now wondering about what this upcoming content update will be.

Developers have not offered any clues with regards to what the content update will be about, but there are some ideas being thrown around.

As Game Rant pointed out, with February just weeks away, it could be time again for the developers to bring back the "Crimson Days" event. This particular event prominently features a Valentine's Day theme and it does add some new features to the game, making it possible that this is the content update being referred to in the aforementioned post.

Players over on the r/DestinyTheGame Subreddit have put forth their predictions as well, with some hinting that a spring update could be in the works.

"Destiny" players are going to have to wait a bit before they can learn more about this mysterious content update, and hopefully for them, the developers still have something substantial that's set to be released.