Detroit Bankrupt Chant: Video Goes Viral of Mocking Chant at Tigers vs Indians MLB Game (VIDEO)

A video of a "Detroit bankrupt" chant has gone viral, after the Detroit Tigers were subjected to strong mocking during their MLB game against the Cleveland Indians on Wednesday night.

(Photo: ABC News Screen Shot)A "detroit bankrupt chant" has gone viral on the Internet after Cleveland Indians mocked Detroit Tigers fans during their game on Wednesday night.

The incident saw hundreds of Indians fans start chanting "Detroit Bankrupt" during the top half of the 9th inning.

The chant took place after some Tigers fans at the Progressive Field in Cleveland began chanting their regular "Let's go Tigers" chant.

However, in response, Indians fans began chanting "Detroit's Bankrupt" to mock the Tigers' fans who had to watch their city make a high-profile bankruptcy announcement last month.

Both the Tigers fans' original chant and the rebuttal from the Indians fans was caught by Fox Sports cameras, and has since been watched extensively online as the video was posted on social media sites.

In the actual MLB game, the Tigers had the last laugh by defeating the Indians 6 -5 in the 14-inning game.

Here is a video showing footage from the Detroit Tigers and Cleveland Indians game and the fans chanting "Detroit Bankrupt":