Detroit Red Wings on Winning Streak

Last night's 3-1 home victory over the Dallas Stars was huge for the Detroit Red Wings. With that win, the hockey team proudly broke the NHL's single season home game win streak record.

The Red Wings have not lost a home game since Nov. 3 and have now won 21 home games in a row. The previous record of 20 home games in a row was set during the 1929-1930 season by the Boston Bruins.

In the 1975-1976 season the Philadelphia Flyers managed to tie the record, but nobody had topped 20 wins in a row until last night.

However, to be fair, the rules of professional hockey are somewhat different today, as games can no longer end in ties. Ever since the lockout in 2005, official rules were changed, and tie games have since been decided by shootouts.

Three of the Red Wings wins in this current streak were decided by shootouts.

Brad Stuart of the Red Wings told The Associated Press that he didn't feel the rule change weakens his team's accomplishment saying, "its an incredible accomplishment regardless of what you're going to compare it to."

And even opposing teams agree. "I think it's harder than it was in the 70s, just because of the parity. There are no games where you can just show up and think you're going to win," Adam Burish of the Dallas Stars told AP.

Despite the impressive home game win streak, the Red Wing's standings do not set them too far above the competition. The New York Rangers are just one point behind the Red Wings, and New York has played three fewer games.

Red Wings captain Nicklas Lidstrom explained how his team is staying grounded, while basking in what they've accomplished: "It's something we're going to cherish, but we've talked about getting more points to stay where we are in the standings."