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'DEVILMAN crybaby' Latest News: Anime Adaptation of Go Nagai Classic to Premiere Worldwide on Netflix

'DEVILMAN crybaby' Latest News: Anime Adaptation of Go Nagai Classic to Premiere Worldwide on Netflix

Key visual art for the upcoming action-supernatural anime series, “DEVILMAN crybaby,” based on the 1970s manga series, “Devilman,” written and illustrated by Go Nagai. | DEVILMAN crybaby Official Site

Just days before its official television premiere, a 30-second teaser video has been released for the upcoming Japanese action supernatural anime series, "DEVILMAN crybaby."

The video, which was released on the official YouTube channel of Netflix Japan, previews some of the ancient demons that the titular Devilman and his alter ego, Akira Fudo, will have to contend with in a bid to save the world from an impending invasion.

The series will feature the voices of Kouki Uchiyama as Akira and Ayumu Murase as his best friend, Ryo Asuka. Other cast members include Megumi Han, Ami Koshimizu, Atsuko Tanaka, Rikiya Koyama, Kenjiro Tsuda, YOUNG DAIS, Subaru Kimura, KEN THE 390, Hannya, and AFRA.

It is based on the 1972 manga series written and illustrated by Go Nagai and is part of the project that commemorates the manga creator's 50th anniversary. The story is set in a world overrun by an ancient race of demons aiming to take over the world. When Ryo tells his best friend, Akira, that the only way to defeat these demons is to utilize their own supernatural powers against them, Akira willingly takes his advice, succeeds in uniting himself with a demon, and thus gains the ability to transform into Devilman, an entity who possesses both a demon's powers and human soul.

The anime adaptation is being animated by the Japanese animation studio Science SARU, under the direction of its co-founder, Masaaki Yuasa. Ichiro Okouchi is in charge of writing the script, while Science SARU co-founder Eunyoung Choi serves as the animation producer.

The opening theme song, "Devilman no Uta," will be performed by Avu-chan, who will also be providing the voice of Devil King Zenon. Takkyuu to Tabibito will be performing a special ending theme for the series titled, "Konya Dake (Tonight Only)," which will be played on the ninth episode.

"DEVILMAN crybaby" premieres worldwide on Friday, Jan. 5, exclusively on Netflix. It will be available in 190 countries/territories and will have options for 23 subtitle languages and seven dubbed languages that include English, French, German, Italian, Brazilian Portuguese, standard Spanish, and Castilian Spanish.


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