DeVon Franklin Shares Special Birthday Message for Meagan Good

DeVon Franklin, Hollywood executive and preacher, recently professed his love for his wife and actress Meagan Good on her birthday.

Good, 32, celebrate her birthday on Aug. 8 and her husband let the world know just how he felt about his wife on her special day.

"8.8.81 God gave this world a tremendous gift," Franklin wrote on Instagram. "I'm blessed to have the privilege of calling her my wife. I'm inspired when I see the magnitude and depth of her heart."

The preacher and film executive went on to let people know how grateful he was to have Good.

"I'm so grateful to share this and every moment with her," Franklin wrote. "She is a virtuous phenomenal woman...phenomenally. Happy Birthday @msgood 143-247."

Last June, the couple celebrated their one year wedding anniversary. Good took to Instagram on their anniversary to let fans know how her marriage changed her life.

"You have changed my life,.. your real unconditional love, spirit, non-judgement and patience has helped me grow and healed many wounds," Good wrote to her husband. "...You are God's blessing that has given me the most joy I have ever experienced -and more joy then I never knew was possible.."

The Christian actress spoke about the love of God being shown through the love of her husband.

"I can halfway fathom the depths of God's love for me - because he sent me you," she wrote. "You are my partner in purpose.., my best friend...your essence has helped refine the woman that I already was in spirit- to manifest in the flesh."

The actress recently spoke about why she loves being married.

"I love being married, it's the best thing that I've ever done," Good told recently. "He's the best partner, lover, best friend that I could ever have and I'm just really grateful and thankful."