'Dexter' Finale Review and Reflection From Showrunner: The Ending Was 'Most Justified'

In an hour-long episode, the saga of Dexter came to a close this past weekend. The series finale of Showtime hit drama "Dexter" aired on Sunday Sept. 22. Showrunner Scott Buck recently discussed the final episode.

The ending of the show was something Buck had on his mind for years. And, as he explained, he had part of the episode planned long ago.

"The kernel idea were the last few scenes. They were what I pitched a few years ago. The main idea was Dexter is forced to kill Debra. And there are many ways that could happen. But those final scenes were pretty much unchanged," Buck said in an interview with Entertainment Weekly.

The final episode was far from easy to make, as Buck explains it took more time and money than the average "Dexter" episode.

"It was considerably more [time and money]. There were a lot of visual effects that are very costly and then to go out and shoot in Astoria added to our price tag. But it was our final episode and Showtime was very accommodating. Our normal eight days of production became 10 days," he said to Entertainment Weekly.

Though some may have not liked the ending, Buck insists that it was necessary to end the show as he did.

"It seemed like the ending that was most justified. In season 1, you saw this guy who was so compartmentalized. The last couple seasons have been about breaking down those walls by having his son and his relationship with Hannah and having Deb discover who he is. Still he was able to justify what he did. We felt it took the death of the one person he cared most about to really look at himself. [His fate] wasn't something that happened to him but his decision. He had to bear the burden of deciding his own fate," Buck said.