Dexter Season 8 Winding Down, Cast Reflects on Show, Characters

With the hit Showtime drama "Dexter" wrapping up his final season, a time of reflection is setting in for fans, the actors, producers and staff on the show. The actor who plays Dexter, Michael C. Hall, recently spoke about the show and his character Dexter.

Hall sat down with TV Guide to discuss his time on the show. He spoke of why he was initially drawn to the show and interested in playing the role of Dexter.

"I think the audacity of the submission to invite people to identify with a serial killer. It felt like a crazy proposition, but one that if we could pull it off would be very exciting. Obviously the show is constructed in such a way that characters are presented in such a way that the audience is given permission to identify with him. Initially that was the appeal. It evolved quite a ways beyond that, and the character finds himself in a place at the end of the series that I couldn't even imagine when we started," Hall told TV Guide.

Hall also spoke on why he thinks Dexter Morgan was such an intriguing character for audiences who was somehow relatable and likeable despite being a serial killer.

"Certainly the fact that he kills the kinds of victims he kills and that he doesn't just off people who look at him funny gives people permission to identify with him. He was compelling because he made the claim that he was without the capacity for human emotion and we were maybe meant to be suspicious of that. Even we thought he didn't have the full capacity, in spite of anything, he did seem to have the appetite; an appetite that was exploited by the Ice Truck killer (Christian Camargo)." Hall said.