Comic-Con Crowd Learns of Serial Killer's Turn to Faith in 'Dexter'

The creative team behind the controversial Showtime series, "Dexter," told a crowd at Comic-Con Thursday night that the series will be exploring faith issues in the upcoming season.

Worried that he might pass on his sinful ways to his son, character Dexter Morgan will turn to religion for answers.

The show's title character works in forensics at a Miami police department during the day, but at night becomes a vigilante who targets killers. Last season, the character experienced the birth of his son, and is now wondering if the apple will fall far from the tree.

“That’s a fundamental fear that Dexter has, that’s where he’s at,” Michael Hall, who plays Dexter, told the crowd at Comic-Con. “He knows he doesn’t want his son to show those traits and he doesn’t want to encourage them. That’s a constant fear and consideration.”

As a result, Dexter will start to explore how faith might help keep his son grounded and from inheriting his father's dark and deadly ways.

The show's creators made it clear, however, that although Dexter will be trying to give his son a religious rooting, he will in now way be looking for salvation for himself.

A preview clip played during the panel opens with a man strapped to a table with Dexter standing over him. As the clip progresses, Depeche Mode's “Personal Jesus” plays in the background.

As he prepares to use his scalpel on the man, who apparently killed his wife, Dexter notices a tattoo of Jesus on the his chest.

Dexter then poses a question: “How do you reconcile your belief in a higher power with what you've done?”

The show's sixth season starts October 6.